Elastics for Mac1.7

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Simple menu bar utility for the Mac OS X platform that aims to help you easily manage and keep an eye out on your AWS EC2 instances

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Elastics is a slim but powerful menu bar based application for Mac OS X which enables you to keep track of your AWS EC2 instances. You can use the app to quickly access detailed information about all your instances, including CPU usage. It was designed to save developers working with EC2 precious minutes daily.

The application does what it advertises, which is displaying your current EC2 instances in a menu bar panel after you have logged into your AWS account from the Preferences window. A secondary menu for each instance containing various details is displayed after hovering the mouse cursor over an instance.

By accessing the menu of each instance, you can view its details, networking information and CPU utilization. This is where Elastics shines, because you would normally have to check online or through command line tools for this information. Using this app, you can have it on your menu bar.

Furthermore, Elastics shows you the following details: instance ID, image ID, instance type, monitoring type, launched at date and current state. In addition, the networking information includes the Public IP and Private IP and the CPU usage pane displays a graph and the maximum, minimum and average usage.

In a nutshell, Elastics is a reliable companion app for all EC2 users, as it offers a graphical and very convenient alternative to monitoring AWS EC2 instances. The information can be accessed from the system bar with only a click, and the price / value ratio is great considering its purpose.

Elastics was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on January 16th, 2014
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