Eero 2013-09-25

Syntactically streamlined dialect of Objective-C using Clang/LLVM
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Eero is a fully binary-compatible dialect of Objective-C 2.0, implemented with a patched version of the Clang/LLVM compiler.

The Eero programming language features a streamlined syntax with reduced code clutter and improved readability.

Eero also has new features such as Python indentation and limited forms of operator overloading and namespaces.

Eero is inspired by languages such as Smalltalk, Python, and Ruby.

Main features:

  • Primary syntactic changes from Objective-C:
  • Terminating semicolons are optional
  • Python-like indentation rules instead of curly braces
  • Parentheses around conditional constructs are optional
  • Outermost brackets for method invocations are optional
  • NSString literals use single-quotes instead of @""
  • Simpler method declarations and definitions
  • Objects are always pointers (no asterisk after type-name needed for object variables)
  • Simpler message passing syntax
  • Other changes:
  • No fall-through in switch cases
  • Comma-separated switch case lists
  • Switch case ranges (using an ellipsis)
  • C++ keyword logical operators and, or, not, etc.
  • Blocks (closures) support
  • The goto statement is illegal
  • No @ needed for private, protected, and public qualifiers in class interfaces
  • New features:
  • Implicit ‘NS’ prefix around type names
  • Terminating nil automatically inserted for method calls with variadic arguments
  • Operator overloading
  • A new operator for object instantiation: “:=”

last updated on:
September 26th, 2013, 21:03 GMT
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85.7 MB
developed by:
Andreas Arvanitis
license type:
MIT License 
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
binary format:
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What's New in version 20110710 Pre-Beta
  • Changes to variadic method calls and unnamed selectors
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