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User-oriented and intuitive OS X utility that makes it effortlessly to create your own custom web animations in no time and with no previous design knowledge

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Software solutions designed to help you create various styles of web animations have been created and marketed as alternatives since Macromedia launched its Flash platform.

Today, although most such applications provide you with all the tools you need to design your own animation content from scratch, there are few that can brag about being simple to use.

Easy Web Animator has been created with such a goal and, once you get it running on your Mac, you’ll be able to see on your own that it does provide the user-oriented interface promised within its description.

Vast built-in clipart library designed to enable you to rapidly create a wide array of animations with little to no effort

Moreover, Easy Web Animator makes it very simple to add new objects to your Flash animation using the left side library panel that help you browse the app’s extensive clipart collection.

The fact that Easy Web Animator has as its main goal o be easy to use means that you will not get access to advanced tools some, more pricey, animation editors have accustomed you to.

Speeds up your web design workflow and allows you to embed HTML code within animations

The good side to this is that all the tools available in Easy Web Animator are very simple to use and will help you design a banner or a Flash introduction in just a fraction of the time it would take you to do it using more complex web animation utilities.

Additionally, Easy Web Animator features a tool that makes it very fast to export the HTML/XHTML embed code for your animations, for rapidly adding it within your website or blog with just a couple of mouse clicks.

What’s more, the Easy Web Animator app also comes with a video export feature which, unfortunately, proved to be quite problematic when trying to export a Flash animation to either WMV or MOV movies.

Simple to use web and animation designer that helps you get your work done effortlessly

All in all, Easy Web Animator is a highly intuitive and very simple to use application for rapidly putting together a non-pretentious yet effective Flash based banner, presentation or introduction in just a couple of minutes.

Easy Web Animator was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on May 6th, 2015
Easy Web Animator - Before you can started you can choose between creating a new document or opening a template.Easy Web Animator - You have to specify the document size.Easy Web Animator - In the main page of the app you can drag and drop objects and images from the side panels.Easy Web Animator - The contextual menu lets you change the overlay.Easy Web Animator - The right sidebar lets you change the dimension of the elements.Easy Web Animator - Also, from the sidebar you can add actions and animations.Easy Web Animator - You can also add elements from the main menu.Easy Web Animator - The Preferences window lets you set a default value for the output HTML file.

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