Racket 6.1.1

Provides quick access to a programming language that can be used to experiment with small scripts or larger systems, to grow your own language and more.
Racket - Racket's main window provides the users with the means to edit their Scheme program and run it with a mouse click.
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Developing applications is a task that requires proper tools and a programming language that leaves room for experimentation. Racket provides all you need to start working on small scripts, to create larger systems and even develop a new language that fits your needs perfectly.

GUI and command line utilities

Installing Racket is extremely straightforward: simply unarchive the package and move the resulting folder to the Applications directory. Racket comes with a graphical user interface which can be accessed by launching the DrRacket app. However, you can navigate to the “bin” folder to use the command line version.

Multiple programming languages

Before starting working on a project you must select the language you want to use: The Racket Language, the Teaching Languages, Legacy Languages (R5RS, Pretty Big, or Swindle), or Experimental Languages (Lazy Racket, FrTime, or Algol 60).

Easy to use code compiler

The next step is to start writing code using the Racket syntax, define functions, expressions, datatypes, modules, variables, and much more. Moreover, Racket allows you to run the code step by step, displays the results and helps you navigate to any encountered error.

For your convenience, Racket also allows you to include comment / XML / Racket / Racket Splice / text boxes, images, fractions, large letters or special symbols.

Extensive personalization options

Through the DrRacket Preferences you get to customize the font used by the application, the syntax color schemes, the background color, to adjust details related to the source code editing, to view all the installed tools and much more. Of course, all these adjustments apply to the Racket graphical user interface.

Multipurpose and extensible programming language

Racket is a programming language that can be used to develop, compile and test all sorts of projects. The best part is that Racket comes with a graphical user interface, so you are able to explore the language in a user friendly manner and experiment with various functions.

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What's New in This Release:
  • The Mac OS X Yosemite compatibility problems are fixed. We bundled a patched Pango text-drawing library with Racket.
  • The Windows [32-bit] releases fixes the window-update crashes. We bundled a patched Cairo drawing library with Racket.
  • Typed Racket closes two safety holes in the exception system. The revised type system restricts raise to send only instances of the exn structure type and flat data to handlers. It also checks exception handlers properly. Note: Previously well-typed programs may fail to typecheck.
  • Typed Racket's typed regions support casts and predicates.
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13 Screenshots
Racket - The contextual menu of Racket enables users to quickly collapse any S-expressions in their program's body.Racket - By accessing the 'Determine language from source' bottom left drop-down menu, you will be able to choose what type of program you're working on.RacketRacketRacketRacketRacketRacketRacketRacketRacketRacket

Application description

Racket is an integrated, interactive, graphical programming environment for the Scheme, MrEd, and MzScheme programming...

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