DocsFlow 2.4.2

Connects InDesign to Google Docs for collaboration

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What's new in DocsFlow 2.4.2:

  • This release mainly addresses issues with anchored, linked items causing damage to the parent story’s DocsFlow connection.
  • Changes:
  • Fixes a problem where updating a story containing anchored, linked pictures or text could damage the DocsFlow connection and result in a “missing base snapshot” error.
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DocsFlow brings the collaborative editing power of Google Docs to InDesign, providing dynamic linking from any InDesign story to a target Google Docs document, along with the almost magical ability to re-weave any Google Docs document changes into the linked story, on update.

DocFlow’s breakthrough concept is connecting freely-available and popular web-based editing tools (Google Docs for now) with InDesign, giving you a zero-cost-per-seat editorial workflow solution that is extraordinarily easy to manage.

Using DocsFlow means you need no special resources to build, maintain or learn the editorial side (which is just Google Docs), and means no learning curve on the design side (since DocsFlow builds on the built-in InDesign story linking machinery).

And getting started couldn’t be easier: download and install the plugin, select Place from Google Docs…, login to Google Docs, and start placing dynamically-linked documents. That’s it!

With DocsFlow, both the InDesign story and the Google Docs (GDocs, below) document can be edited independently, and the links palette will show you the status of both at any point.

When the GDocs document is edited, you’ll see the link’s status change to “modified” (showing a yellow alert icon), and you can update the story from GDocs with a double-click on the icon.

Any changes on the GDocs side are merged into the the story, even if the latter has been changed. After each update, you can open the story editor with change marks showing, to see who changed what.

In the GDocs document most of the text-level formatting will import naturally, and the GDocs block-level styles will be mapped automatically to InDesign styles.

Last updated on March 12th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.0 or later (-)

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