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A free and open source command line tool and library that helps you backup up directory trees and files to a location of your choice

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Disk ARchive is a lightweight, yet powerful command line utility that backs up and archives large files systems into a encrypted archive.

Advanced backup utility for novice and experienced Mac users

Thanks to Disk ARchive’s dual headed filter mechanism you can backup a total file system into a single file. Hence, the first head makes easy for you to decide which part of a directory tree to include in the backup or restore process while the second head helps you specify which type of files to consider.

What is more, Disk ARchive allows you to create full backups or differential backups, depending on your needs. As expected, a full backup includes all the files specified in the command line while a differential backup saves only the files that have changed since a given reference backup.

Make full and differential backups of your system

On top of that, the files that are present in the reference backup but are no longer present at the time of the differential backup are stored in the backup as “been removed”. Consequently, when you device to restore your differential backup, the changed file will be updated with the new files while the files marked as “been removed” will be removed.

With Disk ARchive’s help you can also split an archive into multiple parts regardless of their size and number. As a result, you can save and restore using CDs, DVDs, USB drives and other removable media.

Compress and split your backups into multiple parts

Although Disk ARchive does not compress your backups by default, you can use the gzip, bzip2 and lzo algorithms to compress data before slicing it into multiple parts. Moreover, Disk ARchive helps you use twofish, blowfish, AES256, camelia256 and serpent256 algorithms to encrypt your archives.

To take advantage of the above mentioned features and even more, you first need to download and unarchive the light archive, open a Terminal window, go to Disk ARchive’s folder and run the following commands from the command line:

./configure && make && sudo make install


Disk ARchive was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 11th, 2014
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