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Powerful and user-friendly documentation viewer and browser that also comes with a snippet manager and a special snippet placeholder utility

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As far as documentation browsers go, Dash seems to be the app to go to if you need an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive built-in code snippet manager.

Moreover, the Dash utility provides you with quick and easy access to over 150 different freely downloadable documentation sets.

Intuitive and streamlined OS X tool designed to help you build your own custom documentation sets

What’s more, if Dash does not come bundled with or you cannot download the docset for the programming language you’re working with, you can always generate your own documentation sets using Objective-C source files, HTML documentation or Python, Sphinx, RDoc, Javadoc, and Scaladoc generated docs.

A detailed "how to" guide on how to generate your own docsets is available on the Dash support website. Thorough instructions on how you can improve your documentation sets are also available at the same address.

Extended integration for a wide array of development tools and IDEs

In addition, Dash also comes with Xcode, AppCode, Vim, Sublime Text, AppleScript, OS X Services and Eclipse integration. This is only a limited list of apps and system features that can work in tandem with Dash and, for a complete list of supported apps, you should take a look at the Integration tab in Dash’s Preferences window.

Built-in and user-friendly code snippet manager a wide selection of programming languages

One other significant feature of Dash, its built-in snippet manager, will make it as easy and simple as possible to collect and manage a collection of code snippets. The snippets added to Dash’s database can be automatically synced between multiple Macs using a Dropbox account and can be added within any project using their pre-defined abbreviations.

Furthermore, while using Dash to browse through and view your docsets, the search will work almost instantly and the displayed results have in-page query highlight that makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for.

Dash also enables you to create bookmarks for all the documentation pages you want to get back to and search profiles that will allow you to effortlessly switch between docsets.

Powerful and elegant documentation browser and snippet manager that acts a helper for simplifying your development workflow

All things considered, Dash, although quite pricey, is the tool you want if you need to keep all your code snippets at your finger tips and if you have to find various documentation segments and tidbits as quickly as possible.

Dash was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on September 25th, 2015
Dash - The Dash main window where you can easily browse the docsets that have been downloaded and installed via the Preferences windowDash - In the Dash Snippets tab you can easily create your own code snippets and associate relevant tags in order to find them faster at a later timeDash - The Dash Tag panel displays a list of all your tags and offers you the possibility to visualize all the associated code snippetsDash - screenshot #4Dash - screenshot #5Dash - screenshot #6Dash - screenshot #7Dash - screenshot #8Dash - screenshot #9Dash - screenshot #10

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