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Streamlined and simple to use OS X utility that makes it very quick to create professional looking disk images for commercial distribution or for your own personal use

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DMG is one of the most popular disk image types used under Mac OS X. They are very easy to create, transport and mount, making them very useful for a large number of users. DMG Architect is a tool which makes it easier for you to create unique DMG images suitable for commercial use.

Upon opening the application you will be able to select the desired theme for your DMG. While there are multiple categories you can choose from, namely modern, abstract, nature and classic, you can also use your own templates, if you need to.

What's more, after selecting a template you can begin adding files to your project. Bear in mind that images can easily be moved anywhere inside the main window of the application.

The Inspector tool allows you to change the window position by modifying the left and top values. In addition, it will also assist you in modifying the window size as well as lock position and dimension.

Furthermore, the Inspector tool also provides you with the means to change the DMG icon as well as insert your own file icons by automatically snapping objects to a grid and enabling you to modify the grid steps and size. You can even add license agreements, if you want to.

DMG properties allow you to modify the disk size and format, choose from 128 and 256-bit encryption, and, after that, finalize the format. The DMG Architect app enables you to add a text area where you can add information about your DMG, if you want to.

In addition, DMG Architect makes it very easy to modify the text font, in order to further customize your image. After all the items have been included in the DMG, you can start the build process. After building the image, you will get a mounted preview of your disk.

As an added bonus, the DMG Architect application will also provide you with the tools you need to burn your image to DVD or CD with just a couple of mouse clicks.

All in all, DMG Architect is a very useful tool available free of charge for anyone that needs to design and create a DMG, so you should download it now and see if it suits your needs.

DMG Architect was reviewed by Alexandru Tanase
Last updated on December 12th, 2013
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