Curl RTE 8.0.4

The runtime engine that executes Curl applications and renders the resulting content on a client machine.
The Curl runtime environment (RTE) is the runtime engine that executes Curl applications and renders the resulting content on a client machine.

The Curl RTE is provided free of charge and you need to install it on your client machine before using Curl applications on that machine.

The Mac release of the RTE is intended for developers who want to see their applets run on the Macintosh.

Main features:

  • Robust content language:
  • The active and descriptive elements found in traditional web-development tools combined with the strength of a full-featured object-oriented programming language.
  • Support for large data sets:
  • Provides high performance support for building applications that process 100s of thousands records and access multiple data types.
  • Highly complex applications:
  • Supports highly interactive enterprise class applications that include sophisticated application logic and user interaction.
  • Hardware accelerated 2D/3D Graphics:
  • Supports native hardware graphics accelerators with integrated 2D and 3D graphics libraries.
  • Optimized start-up:
  • Enables highly complex enterprise applications to start-up quickly.
  • Off-line without modification:
  • Supports off-line mode with single implementation (Same code).
  • Enables client-side application execution to continue even when the client machine is off-line.
  • Mercury QTP testing support:
  • Support for enterprise class testing tools.
  • High performance client:
  • Curl applications deliver unmatched performance because they are compiled to native machine code by the Curl Run Time Environment.
  • Curl applications leverage graphics cards, sound cards and other hardware and drivers to deliver performance typically associated only with client-server applications.
  • Rich graphical API:
  • Full set of controls and containers for powerful user interfaces.
  • Client Software Installation:
  • Consistency across all platforms.
  • Server side independence:
  • Compatibility with existing IT architectures lowers costs and speeds development and deployment.
  • Platform independent:
  • Support for all client side platforms (Mac, Linux, Windows).

last updated on:
February 16th, 2013, 18:33 GMT
file size:
7 MB
developed by:
Curl Inc
license type:
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.5.8 and 10.6.8
binary format:
Intel only
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Curl RTE
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What's New in version 8.0.0
  • GUI and Graphics:
  • Letters in italics sometimes clipped:
  • Any character has one bounding box that is appropriate for text layout and possibly a different bounding box that is appropriate for drawing. The Curl RTE uses the layout box in both cases. As a result, the first or last character in a line can sometimes be clipped slightly. The same effect is at times seen in most web browsers.
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