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Mac OS X development environment for Atmel's AVR microcontroller






CrossPack for AVR Development is an open source development environment for Atmel's AVR microcontrollers running on Apple's Mac OS X, similar to WinAVR for Windows.

CrossPack consists of the GNU compiler suite, a C library for the AVR, the AVRDUDE downloader and several other useful tools.

CrossPack for AVR Development has no Graphic User Interface, it consists of command line tools only. For help with the package, type "avr-help" in a Terminal window.

This opens the manual in your favorite web browser. An alias to this manual is also created in the Applications folder during installation.

CrossPack for AVR Development consists of the following packages:
· avarice in version 2.9
· avr-libc-1.6.7cvs in version 1.6.7
· avrdude-5.8svn912 in version 5.8svn912
· GNU binutils in version 2.19
· gcc-3 in version 3.4.6
· gcc-4 in version 4.3.3
· gdb in version 6.8
· libusb in version 0.1.12
· GNU make in version 3.81
· simulavr in version 0.9

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the CrossPack utility on your Mac are available HERE.
Last updated on December 21st, 2013
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