Core Data Editor 5.0.3

A practical and very easy-to-use application specially designed to help you view, edit and analyze your application's data and generate generate Objective-C code for the data model

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What's new in Core Data Editor 5.0.3:

  • Traverse the object graph by double-clicking on a row in the managed objects table view.
  • Bug fixes
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Christian Kienle
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Core Data Editor - From Core Data Editor's main window you can view, edit and analyze applications‘ data.Core Data Editor - The Project Browser window helps you find your project with just a few keystrokes.Core Data EditorCore Data Editor - By accessing the Formatting tab, you can change the time and date formatting.Core Data Editor
Core Data Editor is a fully-featured and versatile OS X developer utility that provides the necessary tools to preview, edit and analyze your iOS or Mac application’s data.

Core Data Editor comes with a user-friendly interface, support for SQLite, XML and binary stores. By using Core Data Editor you cab visualize all relationships and, in addition to editing and processing the data, you automatically generate the Objective-C code.

Developers can easily view and analyze Mac and iOS applications’ data by simply dropping the set of application along with the persistent store files. In a couple of seconds, Core Data Editor will generate all the XML and SQLite or binary data that you can view and analyze.

To reveal and view all relationships you have to simply double-click on the desire entry and all related relationships will be exposed.

What is more, Core Data Editor enables you to edit all the data and add or change entries. Another handy features is the binary data visualizer that allows you to preview various content such as pictures or other media.

On top of that, Core Data Editor allows you to save the time required to manually write the code by generating the much needed code for you. By implementing the “mogenerator” by Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch, Core Data Editor can generate two classes for each entity, one for the machine and one for the developer.

Core Data Editor features a user friendly interface from which you can quickly and easily browse the content of your app. What is more, the Project Browser helps you find the desired project with just a few keystrokes.

All in all, Core Data Editor is a practical and easy-to-use application capable of previewing, editing and analyzing application data as well as resolving validation errors and generating the required Objective-C code.

Core Data Editor was reviewed by , last updated on June 13th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.8 or later (Intel only)

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