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An easy-to-use Mac OS X terminal application that enables you to establish a communication path between you computer and other hardware components connected to serial ports.

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CoolTerm is a simple but powerful Mac app that has been developed in REALBasic and provides a well organized user interface for transferring data to and from various hardware devices connected to serial ports.

User friendly serial port terminal that allows you to connect to various hardware devices

To start using the CoolTerm app you must first navigate to the Connection Options window and make the necessary adjustments for the Serial Port, Terminal, Transmission and Receive options. This way you get to specify the serial port you ant to employ for the communication.

If the connection process is successful, the next step is to type the commands you want to send to the hardware device in the app’s main window. The same area will display the received data by using the hexadecimal format. Note that you have the option to log all the communication details.

Effortlessly personalize the way in which you visualize the data

CoolTerm allows you to see the transmissions between your Mac and the hardware device in HEX or in ASCII mode: the first is recommended to see messages that cannot be expressed using plain text.

For your convenience, CoolTerm comes with an Autoscroll function that, when enabled, will automatically scroll to the bottom of the window in order to display the latest received data. In addition, in the bottom right area of the main window you can see the status of different serial port signals via small LED buttons.

Versatile serial port terminal application featuring a well organized user interface

CoolTerm is a great tool to have around if you need to control hardware devices, such as robotic kits, micro controllers, servo controllers, and so on. The application can connect to various ports, enables you to send text commands, and then displays the data received from the hardware device in HEX or ASCII mode.

CoolTerm was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 16th, 2015
CoolTerm - CoolTerm helps you send string in ASCII or Hex format to your hardware connected through a serial port.CoolTerm - From the Connection menu you will be able to capture the serial port data transfer to a text file of your choice.CoolTerm - By accessing the Preferences menu you can configure the text and Hex viewer settings.

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