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Streamlined and user friendly Mac OS X application that enables you to develop iOS applications without having to write code, in a very intuitive manner.

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Composé is a beautiful Mac app that enables you to start developing iOS applications without having to write code. Composé enables you to design the iOS app user interface in a WYSIWYG editor, and you get to insert various elements such as text snippets, images, scripts, search tools, and so on.

Well organized development tool that enables you to see the structure of your iOS app

When you start a new project within the Composé app, you must decide if your are developing and app for the iPhone or for the iPad. Composé automatically assigns 3 new scenes to each newly created project, but via the project overview panel you can easily add or remove panels.

At the same time, you get to define the application language, orientation, or launch image size. Composé comes with a fairly intuitive workflow, so finding your way around is easy enough. However, the app does not provide any kind of documentation, so you will have to manage on your own anyway.

Work on the user interface of your iOS app by using an WYSIWYG editor

Each time you select a new scene for your iOS app, Composé is opening the editing area where you can easily add new elements to the currently selected panel. The app comes with predefined functionalities, so you will be able to effortlessly insert image or HTML containers, text fields, document viewers, movie players, and so on.

Among other things, Composé also offers you the possibility to work with JSON and CSV documents. The best part is that Composé has an iOS companion app that enables you to test your app in real time. Moreover, you can sign up for the Composé Publisher program in order to effortlessly push notifications to your users.

Powerful yet easy to use WYSIWYG development tool for creating iOS apps in an intuitive manner

If you want to build your own iOS apps without having to write too much code, Composé is a very efficient software solution: you get to work on your projects in a highly visual manner, you get to intuitively make connections between various elements, to rearrange objects with drag and drop actions, and so on.

Composé was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 20th, 2015
Composé - The Composé main window where you can browse the content of your project and analyze the connection between different elementsComposé - The Composé application allows you to specify the project layout and the default launch imageComposé - The Composé Editor window where you can manage the obejcts and elements included in your projectComposé - screenshot #4Composé - screenshot #5Composé - screenshot #6Composé - screenshot #7

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