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A well-designed, intuitive and fully-featured application that comes with a powerful color picker, photo analyzer, as well as scheme generator

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Colors PRO  is a well-thought-out application that encompasses three powerful tools designed to help you work with colors, palettes, schemes, swatches and color codes.

Quickly find, save and export any given color and color palette with ease

As follows, from Colors PRO’s main window you have instant access to reliable color picker, handy photo analyzer and a color scheme generator.

What is more, Colors PRO helps you store all your colors, schemes and palettes and makes them available on other Macs via various cloud storage services, such as iCloud and Dropbox.

In addition, Colors PRO comes with support for more than twenty different color codes ranging from RGB and HEX to UIColor, NSColor and Java RGB.

Summon OS X’s Colors window and access your custom colors and palettes

Thanks to the Colors PRO’s Color Picker Plugin you can gain access to all your colors, palettes and schemes directly from within all applications capable to access OS X’s default color picker or any Cocoa based app. Hence, you can use your palettes and colors in apps like Pages, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Xcode, Pixelmator or Sketch by simply using the SHIFT + CMD + “C” keyboard shortcut.

Moreover, Colors PRO features a handy Preview feature that enables you to quickly and easily preview your color scheme using customizable templates. This feature helps you view if you made the right choice of colors for your web page or app.

Send colors to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop with ease

On top of that, Colors PRO is capable to send the the selected color as fill color or stroke color to Adobe Illustrator and as foreground or background color to Adobe Photoshop. You also have the option to export any given color, scheme and palette as PDF or HTML document, Adobe Swatch Exchange or Colors Palette file.

By accessing the Palette menu you can add, delete or edit a palette, import or download Colors Palette or import ColorSchemer Studio XML file.

The Preferences window helps you assign a keyboard shortcut, hide or show the Dock and menubar icon, change the database location, enable or disable the ColorPicker Plugin and select the appropriate Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustration version.

Colors PRO was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on November 29th, 2014
Colors PRO - From Colors PRO's status bar menu you can access the main window and open the Preferences.Colors PRO - Colors PRO helps you create custom color palettes as well as color schemes with ease.Colors PRO - The built-in search form enables you to find the desired color palette with just a few keystrokes.Colors PRO - screenshot #4Colors PRO - screenshot #5Colors PRO - screenshot #6Colors PRO - screenshot #7Colors PRO - screenshot #8Colors PRO - screenshot #9Colors PRO - screenshot #10Colors PRO - screenshot #11Colors PRO - screenshot #12Colors PRO - screenshot #13Colors PRO - screenshot #14

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