ChromeDevTools 0.3.8

Google Chrome developer tools

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What's new in ChromeDevTools 0.3.8:

  • Break on Exception:
  • The debugger feature that instructs JavaScript VM to pause on exception throwing event has got a new form. Previously, it was controlled from the context menu on LaunchElement. Since this release, a more traditional Eclipse approach is implemented.
  • To enable breaking on exception, the user should add a JS Exception breakpoint: Run|Add V8/Chrome JavaScript Exception Breakpoint menu item. This breakpoint has regular enable/disable semantics, additionally overridden by the Skip All Breakpoints control and, what's most useful, its state is persisted by the workspace. This means that once you have enabled break on exception, this will hold for the following debug sessions.
  • Even though the UI allows you to create multiple breakpoints of this kind, you should hardly need more than one.
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The ChromeDevTools project provides debugging tools for those developers who want to write applications that run on Google Chrome or on its open-source version, Chromium.

The tools enable you to debug JavaScript inside these browsers over the TCP/IP protocol.

The ChromeDevTools project comprises:
 · A ChromeDevTools SDK that provides a Java API that enables a debugging application to communicate with a Google Chrome browser from the localhost using the TCP/IP-based Google Chrome Developer Tools Protocol.
 · An Eclipse debugger that uses the SDK. This debugger enables you to debug JavaScript running inside Google Chrome tabs from the Eclipse IDE.

As the SDK and Eclipse debugger are written in Java, this project is of most benefit to developers who use Java tools for debugging web applications inside Google Chrome.

You can use the SDK to write your own debugger that uses the protocol to communicate with Google Chrome.

Last updated on November 30th, 2012

Runs on: Mac OS X (-)


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