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Streamlined utility for OS X users designed to display the exact project status of CruiseControl continuous integration servers on the desktop






The CCMenu app allows one yo keep a close eye on one or multiple continuous integration servers from the comfort of the OS X menu bar.

Moreover, CCMenu has been designed from the get-go to enable its users to get a quick idea of the build status for any project with a glance to the status bar.

As an added bonus, CCMenu also comes with OS X Notification Center integration, which means that, once a build job has finished, the user will automatically receive an alert.

CCMenu can also be used to get an overview of any project's build status, without having to connect and query the continuous integration server.
Last updated on October 12th, 2015
CCMenu - From CCMenu's status bar you will be able to see if your projects are active or inactive.CCMenu - The Project Window helps you organize, add or delete projects from your list with a click of a button.CCMenu - The Notification tab helps you choose the type of notification you desire for each event.CCMenu - screenshot #4

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