Bugzilla 4.4.6

Offers support to developers and enables them to easily track and manage bug reports, code changes or quality assurance issues.
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Bugzilla is a bug tracker system designed to allow users or developers to effectively monitor outstanding bugs in their product.

Bugzilla will help you detect code changes and bugs while submitting and reviewing the changes. Bugzilla also allows you to communicate with your teammates and deal with quality assurance (QA) issues.

Main features:

  • The "Assigned To" field on the new bug page is now prefilled with the default component owner.
  • A bug alias column is now available in the buglist page.
  • Lists of bugs containing errors in the sanity check page now have a "view as buglist" link in addition to the individual bug links.
  • Autolinkification Page - It's now possible to apply Bugzilla's comment hyperlinking algorithm to any text you like. This should be useful for status updates and other web pages which give lists of bugs. The bug links created include the subject, status and resolution of the bug as a tooltip.
  • There are more tags on the links toolbar for navigating quickly between different areas.
  • Buglists are now available as comma-separated value files (CSV) and JavaScript (JS) as well as HTML and RDF.
  • Keywords and dependencies can now be entered during initial bug entry
  • A CSS id signature unique to each Bugzilla installation is now added to the tag on Bugzilla pages to allow custom end-user CSS to explicitly affect Bugzilla.
  • Perl's path has been changed to a normal /usr/bin/perl from the original legacy "bonsaitools" path specifier.
  • A new "always-require-login" parameter allows administrators to require a login before being able to view any page, except the front page.
  • A developer may add an attachment, and also reassign a bug to himself as part of that single action.
  • Bugzilla is now able to use the replication facilities provided by the MySQL database to handle updates from the main database to the secondaries.
  • Mail handling is now between 125% to 175% faster.
  • Guided Bug Entry: You can see a sample enter_bug.cgi template at enter_bug.cgi?format=guided that "guides" users through the process of filing a "good" bug. It needs to be modified before use in your organization.
  • There is now a "Give me some help" link on the Advanced Search page that will enable pop-up help for every field on the page.
  • The Bugzilla administrator can now forbid users from marking bugs RESOLVED when there are unresolved dependencies.

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