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Free and easy to use installer for the highly versatile Redmine project management web app

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BitNami installers are designed to help users deploy various open source software in a simple and intuitive manner. The BitNami packages include the software for installing various platforms, but also contain all other required dependencies. As a result, the entire installation procedure is reduced to running the BitNami package.

Redmine is an open source project released under GNU General Public License v2 designed to be a flexible yet powerful project management application for the web. The platform is able to deal with multiple projects at the same time, comes with an issue tracking system, allows you to generate wiki and forum pages for your projects, and much more.

Easy installation

BitNami Redmine is a software package that will deploy this project management platform on your Mac in no time. Since the installer is independent and self contained, the settings will not interfere with other apps running on your Mac.

All you have to do is specify the output location and provide new ports in case the ones used by default are already used by other apps. In addition, you must create an admin user account that will be used to login into the administrative interface once everything is in place.

Includes all required dependencies

Besides the Redmine platform, the BitNami Redmine package also includes the following components: Apache, ImageMagick, MySQL, Subversion, Git, Ruby, Rails, and RubyGems.

All these elements are required for the application to run properly, but the installer makes the necessary adjustments, making the entire process extremely simple.

Access via an web browser

To view the Redmine administrative interface, once the installation procedure is over, you must launch a web browser and point it to . Login using your admin account and then you can take full advantage of what Redmine has to offer.

Simple solution for deploying Redmine on your Mac

The BitNami Redmine installer is a great solution for making sure that the Redmine platform will be installed on your Mac correctly. In addition, since all dependencies are contained in the package, the whole process is extremely user friendly.

BitNami Redmine was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
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