Aqua Data Studio 16.0.1

A comprehensive and powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that offers support for database developments query and administration

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What's new in Aqua Data Studio 16.0.1:

  • 13164 : Bug : MongoDB : MongoShell : explain() command displays error message
  • 12924 : Enhancement : Object Title in Window now supported for Indexes, Constraints and Triggers
  • NONE : Visual Analytics : DATE() function returns "null"on re-saving this cal.field on different locale
  • NONE : Visual Analytics : Table : Total column sum value get displayed instead of count value,even if we have selected "Total All Using > Count" option.
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Aqua Data Studio - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to view and edit your database.Aqua Data Studio - The application also includes a code editor that you can use to write down and edit your code.Aqua Data Studio - Right clicking your code provides you with the means to execute it, format script, toggle statement comments or toggle bookmarks.Aqua Data StudioAqua Data StudioAqua Data StudioAqua Data StudioAqua Data StudioAqua Data StudioAqua Data StudioAqua Data StudioAqua Data Studio
Aqua Data Studio is a fully-featured IDE specially designed for database query, development and administration with support for most database vendors and operating systems.

Out of the box, Aqua Data Studio features support for Apache Hive, Apache Cassandra, Microsoft SQL Database and MongoDB.

User-friendly tools, shells, debuggers and editors

Thanks to Aqua Data Studio, you can easily design, administer and automate the class of databases. You may also employ FluidShell, an interactive shell that mixes the versatility of a Unix shell and the power of an SQL command line to help you speed-up your workflow.

MongoShell for MongoDB comes with an interactive JavaScript shell that offers similar syntax and functionality to the native mongo shell.

You can use all your favorite mongo shell commands like DB methods, commands to administer and maintain your MongoDB clusters, DBCollection methods and more.

Powerful object editing toolkit, as well as inbuilt data analysis and query capabilities

Aqua Data Studio helps you to quickly connect to the desired database and run SQL queries using SQL abbreviations, intelligent Autocomplete and SQL Automation. In addition, you can preform in-depth analysis using the built-in Charts and Pivot Grid.

Furthermore, you can instantly create, delete and alter indexes, tables, users, triggers, roles and stored procedures via Aqua Data Studio’s streamlined Visual Editing UI. At the same time, the intuitive Excel-like grid editing tools help you edit your table data, result set and use features like find and replace, insert, copy, paste, delete with just a few mouse clicks.

Extensive and streamlined database administration tool collection

Moreover, Aqua Data Studio allows you to keep track and manage all your DBA activities using the provided suite of tools that can be customized according to the vendor. Session, Instance, Security and Storage Managers are just a few of the available tools.

What is more, You can debug your stored functions, procedures, functions and packages right from within Aqua Data Studio. You can even import and export data into the desired format using Aqua Data Studio’ wizards.

Aqua Data Studio was reviewed by , last updated on March 21st, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel only)

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