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A free, open source and fully-featured integrated development environment that enables you to build, test and develop web applications

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Aptana Studio is an advanced, powerful and open source development tool for the open web that comes with support for the latest browser technology specs such as CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Python and more.

Take advantage of the trustworthy code-completion and outlining features

Aptana Studio’s Code Assist feature provides reliable support in authoring of CSS, HTML, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript.

It also comes with support for the latest HTML5 specifications and offers information about the level of support for each elements in most popular web browsers.

With Aptana Studio’s help, you can easily configure one-shot, as well as keep-synchronized setups and take advantage of the support for protocols such as SFTP, FTP, FTPS and Capistrano.

On top of that, Aptana Studio makes it easy for you to publish your Ruby & Rails applications to your Engine Yard Cloud or Keroku.

Fix bugs with the help of the powerful integrated debugger

Thanks to the integrated debugger you can effortlessly set breakpoints, control execution and inspect variables. In addition, the integrated JavaScript and Ruby & Rails debuggers enable you to quickly and effortlessly fix various bugs.

Aptana Studio seamlessly integrates Git, a fact that helps you place your projects under git source code control with ease.

Consequently, you’ll be able to collaborate with team members and facilitate git-based deployments with the help of pull, merge and push actions to remote repositories, similar to the ones hosted on Github.

From Aptana Studio’s main window, you can instantly access a command line terminal and execute operating system command and language utilities like rake, gem and others.

Personalize the IDE based on your project type

Moreover, Aptana Studio offers you the ability to create your own customized development environment that you can enhance and expand through scripting of custom commands.

It is worth mentioning that Aptana Studio is delivered with numerous commands but, it only presents a narrow list based on the context of the type of file you are editing.

Aptana Studio was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on November 21st, 2014
Aptana StudioAptana StudioAptana StudioAptana StudioAptana StudioAptana Studio - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to view the contents of the loaded file.Aptana Studio - From the New from Template menu users can easily select a new template for their file.Aptana Studio - From the Navigate menu users can open resources and choose where to display them.Aptana StudioAptana StudioAptana StudioAptana StudioAptana StudioAptana StudioAptana Studio

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