Apache Derby

Pure Java relational database engine using standard SQL and JDBC as its APIs

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What's new in Apache Derby

  • New Features:
  • MERGE statement - MERGE is a single, join-driven statement which INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs rows. See the section on this statement in the Derby Reference Manual. See also features F312, F313, and F314 of the SQL Standard.
  • Deferrable constraints - Constraint enforcement can now be deferred, typically to the end of a transaction. See the section on "constraintCharacteristics" in the Derby Reference Manual. See also features F721 and F492 of the SQL Standard.
  • WHEN clause in CREATE TRIGGER - An optional WHEN clause has been added which determines which rows fire a trigger. See the section on this clause in the Derby Reference Manual. See also feature T211-05 of the SQL Standard.
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1 Apache Derby Screenshot:
Apache Derby - This is the usage message displayed when running the dblook tool from the command line with no parameters.
Apache Derby, an Apache DB sub-project, is an open source relational database implemented entirely in Java.

Some key advantages include:
· Derby has a small footprint -- about 2 megabytes for the base engine and embedded JDBC driver.
· Derby is based on the Java, JDBC, and SQL standards.
· Derby provides an embedded JDBC driver that lets you embed Derby in any Java-based solution.
· Derby also supports the more familiar client/server mode with the Derby Network Server and Derby Network Client JDBC driver.
· Derby is easy to install, deploy, and use.

Last updated on September 7th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X (-)

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