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An all-inclusive Mac OS X software solution made by UI designers for UI designers that comes with support for building responsive GUIs

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Antetype is a feature-laden Mac OS X application that helps user interface designers quickly create interactive UIs for desktop apps, websites or mobile software. The app combines a smart array of features with flexible responsiveness and a comprehensive widget library.

Build GUI prototypes

Getting started with Antetype is quite easy thanks to the built-in tutorial sample project that helps you get familiar with the app’s workflow and multiple aspects.

When you start the app for the first time, you can open a new template for multiple standard projects: Android phone / tablet, iOS phone / tablet, OS X, Web, Windows 8 phone / tablet and wireframe.

An Inspector window at your fingertips

Furthermore, a major feature in Antetype’s arsenal is the Inspector window that enables you to configure the properties of the screen, widget, style, interaction, resources and history.

The main window, which displays the user interface of your app, provides a standard toolbar with shortcuts to various commands such as inserting different shapes, changing the view modes, copy / pasting the style and more.

Extensive widget library

Additionally, an extra toolbar with various actions for changing the selected elements is displayed when clicking on an element of the prototype. For instance, you can change the size, colors, layouts and tons of other features of a GUI element.

After dragging and dropping GUI components (such as buttons, bars, menus, etc.) from the Widget library, you can interact with them with much flexibility. Using the power of drag’n’drop and a vast set of tools plus elements, you can design virtually any type of GUI.

Optimize your UI design projects

To sum up, Antetype is not only a powerful and all-in-one application for designing user interfaces on all major platforms, but it is also simple to use, intuitive and comes with easy to follow tutorials. If you are looking for a  faster UI design solution, Antetype is the way to go.

Antetype was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on October 2nd, 2015
Antetype - From the main window, you can click on a GUI element and modify its properties.Antetype - In the Edit menu, you are able to copy the styles and CSS or duplicate selected components.Antetype - By accessing the Elements tab, users can create a new scree, add various shapes and more.Antetype - screenshot #4Antetype - screenshot #5Antetype - screenshot #6Antetype - screenshot #7Antetype - screenshot #8Antetype - screenshot #9Antetype - screenshot #10Antetype - screenshot #11Antetype - screenshot #12Antetype - screenshot #13

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