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Enables Android application developers to implement part of their application using various native-code languages such as C++ and C

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Android NDK is a comprehensive toolset specially made to help developers build parts of their Android applications by using native-code languages like C and C++.

A comprehensive native development kit for Android app developers

With the help of Android Native Development Kit, you’ll be able to reuse existing code libraries written in one of the above mentioned languages in the case of certain application types.

It is worth mentioning that Android NDK is a set of companion tools for the Android SDK and that the NDK will not benefit most applications. In other words, you, as a developer, need to understand and asses its advantages, as well as its drawbacks.

By using native code on Android might not result in noteworthy performance improvements, however, it could help you expand your app and increase its complexity. It is recommended to use the NDK only if it is indispensable to your application and because you rather program in C/C++.

Helps you develop resource-intensive apps for the Android platform

Android NDK is intended to be used for CPU-intensive workloads and, as a result, it is suitable for game engines, physics simulation, signal processing and other resource consuming apps.

The Android NDK package comes with a set of tools and build files that can be used to generate native code libraries from C++ and C sources.

Take advantage of the featured samples, documentation and tutorials

In addition, Android NDK provides a way to embed the corresponding native libraries into APKS (application package files, that can be developed on Android devices. You also have access to a set of system headers and libraries that will be supported in all future versions of the Android platform.

Moreover, Android NDK also offers a couple of samples, documentation, as well as tutorials to help you get started.

Android NDK was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 15th, 2015
Android NDK - Android NDK, along with Android SDK, can help developers build parts of their mobile applications in native code.

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