Adobe AIR SDK for Mac

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Adobe vetted software toolkit designed to provide all utilities needed by developers to design, build, and deploy Adobe AIR applications.

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The Adobe AIR runtime is designed to allow developers to create applications that use the same code, regardless of the operating system on which you choose to deploy them. This is possible because the apps will actually run in the Adobe AIR runtime, which must be installed beforehand.

Includes useful tools for developing Adobe AIR apps

Adobe AIR SDK is a software package that provides a powerful development environment for creating Adobe AIR applications. Once compiled, the utilities can be deployed on various devices and platforms.

The Adobe AIR SDK package includes the framework for the Adobe AIR API, the ActionScript Compiler, template applications, and command line launchers for the Adobe AIR Debug Launcher and for the Adobe Air Developer Tool.

Learn what you can do in the Adobe AIR Developer Center

The online Adobe AIR Developer Center is a great source of useful information for developers that have just started working with Adobe AIR SDK. Here you can find detailed installation instructions: copy the package to your disk, and provide the path to the ADL and ADT tools in your PATH environment variable.

The same area includes tutorials on how to create basic Adobe Air applications by using the Adobe SDK or other Adobe development environments, about how to create native extensions, and more.

Noteworthy is that if you want to make use of the Adobe AIR SDK compiling and debugging tools, you must make sure that both the Adobe AIR and Java runtime environments have been installed on your Mac beforehand.

Start developing Adobe AIR apps in no time

The tools included in the Adobe AIR SDK package can be successfully used to both learn hot to create basic Adobe AIR apps, and to start building your own projects from scratch. In addition, the Adobe AIR Developer Center is a great place to discover everything you can achieve using the included tools.

Adobe AIR SDK was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 26th, 2015

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