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A powerful utility that can be used for programming the Flash and EEPROM of Atmel's AVR CPUs, and, where supported, program fuse and lock bits.






AVRDUDE brings a direct instruction mode which allows you to issue programming instructions to the designated AVR chip.

AVRDUDE can easily be used via the Terminal in order to write or read all chip memory types. This works for writing the whole chip memory.

The application comes with complete support for the most basic programmer types, such as the ATMEL AVRISP and STK500 devices.

Furthermore, AVRDUDE includes support for multiple bit-bang programming adapters which can be used to connect to a serial port. These include the Ponyprog serial adapter, as well as the DASA adapters.

Using AVRDUDE is very easy, you just have to insert the desired command and wait for the results. Happily, there is only one mandatory option, “-p partno” that informs the application on the MCU type connected to the programmer.

You can add multiple commands to the application, provided you have the Atmel datasheet in order to quickly and securely enter the desired specifications.

One other helpful command is “-c programmer-id”, which will allow you to select the programmer you want to use. You can also write down the bit clock period of the ISP clock or the JTAG interface by selecting the “-b bitclock” command.

One can also use multiple configuration files, and select desired one with the “-c config-file” command. Configuration file contain part and programmer definitions that can easily be modified, if you want to.
Last updated on May 17th, 2010
AVRDUDE - This is AVRDUDE's Terminal output when running it from the command-line with no parameters.

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