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A popular plugin for the Eclipse integrated development environment designed to provide you with the means to build Android applications.

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ADT (Android Development Tools) Plugin for Eclipse is a free and powerful plugin specifically created to extend Eclipse's capabilities when it comes to creating and developing Android projects.

Powerful and full-featured Eclipse plugin designed to reconfigure it as an Android IDE

Moreover, ADT Plugin for Eclipse works as a standalone integrated development environment designed to help you to design your application’s user interface from scratch, to embed packages specific to the Android Framework API and to debug your applications to avoid deploying bug ridden solutions to your users’ Android devices.

Also, the ADT Plugin for Eclipse makes it simple and straightforward to handle the entire Android app development process, from starting the project up to packaging the app and distributing it as an .APK file.

Provides you with a wide array of tools and features which make it a robust yet simple enough to use Android app layout designer

ADT Plugin for Eclipse UI also features a design tool that enables you to effortlessly and intuitively design the layout of the application via a drag and drop based visual interface and by configuring each object’s properties using a simple and streamlined workflow.

Thus, with the help of ADT Plugin for Eclipse, developers can rapidly build an application prototype and adjust its functions to fit the scope of the final product with just a couple of mouse clicks.

The ADT Plugin for Eclipse utility also makes it easier to develop Android projects by taking advantage of the built-in XML editor, the included debug panes and the guided project setup.

Makes it easy and straightforward to rapidly access and use the Android SDK command line tools while working on your projects

In addition, with the help of ADT Plugin for Eclipse, developers may use all the command line based tools bundled with the Android SDK to further simplify and streamline the development process.

ADT Plugin for Eclipse most important advantage is the fact that it is completely integrated with Eclipse’s user interface, therefore making it simple to get started working on your Android projects for any developer that has previously used the versatile Eclipse development suite as an IDE on other occasions.

Comprehensive Eclipse plugin that reconstructs it as an intuitive and sturdy Android IDE and app layout designer

ADT Plugin for Eclipse is one of those tools that you need to have around when designing the interface of your Android application or simply adding extra components based on the Android API.

As an added bonus, ADT Plugin for Eclipse can also be used to rapidly sign your finished app before deploying it to your users.

ADT Plugin for Eclipse was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on August 25th, 2015
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