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A well-designed and practical monitoring widget that displays useful information about the CPU, memory, network, bandwidth, drive and fans

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iStat Pro is an advanced system monitoring Dashboard widget that enables you to have an overview of your Mac’s CPU and RAM load, hard disk usage, fans rotation speed and more.

Intuitive, user-friendly and handy system monitoring widget for your Mac

The great thing about iStat Pro is that its highly customizable and can help you monitor every aspect of your Mac, from the CPU usage, memory load and network activity to battery status, components temperature, load and uptime, as well as running processes.

iStat Pro comes with a great design and allows you to drag and drop various sections in order to reorder them according to your preferences. Moreover, you can choose between nine different skin colors, change the temperature measurement system, decide how the processes are sorted.

Two skin modes and numerous skin colors

You can also switch between the Tall and Wide skin type, change the S.M.A.R.T updated interval  and even check for updates. Furthermore, iStat Pro allows you to control what sections are displayed in the widget.

Consequently, you can hide or show the CPU graph, RAM usage, Hard drives, battery and network status and activity, load and uptime, process, temperatures and fans. For the memory display you can choose between the simple and advanced view mode that offers you precise details about the wired, active, inactive and free RAM.

Display only the data and information you are interested in

What is more, iStat Pro is able to display the required information only for the selected components. In other words, you can choose to monitor all or only one of your volumes, network connections. You can also decide for which Mac components you want to view the temperature or fan speed.

As an added value, iStat Pro provides a handy shortcut for Apple’s Activity Monitor. iStat Pro proved to be smooth-running and responsive throughout our testing period. Unfortunately, iStat Pro is no longer supported and, as a result, the Processes section is no longer able to display the currently running apps. At the same time, iStat Pro is not able to obtain your external IP address due to various changes on the developer's webpage.

However, these issues can be fixed by more experienced Mac users who know how to locate and edit the right JS files stored within the widget. To make things easier, we fixed the widget for you and you can download it from our webpage.

iStat Pro was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 5th, 2014
iStat Pro - From iStat Pro's main window you can monitor your system's status with ease.iStat Pro - iStat Pro helps you change the temperature measurement unit along with the skin type and color.iStat Pro - The Sections tab allows you to enable or disable various sections with just a mouse click.iStat Pro

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