Harmonic for Mac

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A lightweight Dashboard widget that was created in order to help you find lyrics for the songs you are currently listening in iTunes






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Harmonic is useful if you need a tool to quickly find song lyrics. It successfully integrates with iTunes and automatically searches the lyrics for the currently playing song.

All you need to do is open in in the Dashboard and the widget will automatically operate in the background. Furthermore, Harmonic provides iPod integration that enables the application to automatically transfer lyrics to your iPod. On top of that, you can tap the center button while a song is playing if you want to sing along/

Harmonic even allows you to transfer lyrics to older iPods. In order to do that you need to grab the Harmonic Lyrics from the Music folder to the onto your iPod's Notes folder.

Harmonic is a very simple widget that will sit on your Dashboard and record all song lyrics.
Last updated on May 20th, 2008

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