Moto Racer for Mac1.0

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An entertaining motor bike racing game where you can control a super bike on two different tracks (comes as a simple Dashboard widget)





Moto Racer is a free Dashboard widget that provides a fun little moto-racing game. You will be able to control a motor bike and race three laps.

You can also choose the tracks: Australian or Chinese. Moto Racer's interface include the number of laps you've accomplished, a map of the track, your current speed and elapsed time.

Furthermore, Moto Racer features retro graphics and electronic sound music that you can turn on / off via the lower toolbar.

The keyboard controls are simple: just use the arrow keys to accelerate, steer and pull the breaks. 
Last updated on December 31st, 2008
Moto Racer - The main window where you can see your current speed and location.

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