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Dashboard widget that calculates the value of numbers by using the golden ratio





Phiculator is a simple widget that, when it is  given a number shows you its value by taking into account the golden ratio. Phiculator is useful to anyone wishing to create anything with divine proportions.

Calculate with Phi:
Phi, the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, the golden section, the golden mean, the divine proportion. It is known as many things, but the mysterious ratio they all refer to is the same, namely: 1:1.618033988749...

Found in art, architecture, design, and most intriguingly, in nature, this ratio has been used throughout history and to this day for its aesthetic beauty.

How do I use it?
Simply type a number into either of the entry boxes and Phiculator will calculate the corresponding number according to the golden ratio.

Enter a number into the larger box at the top, to calculate the smaller proportional value in the box below, or vice-versa enter a number into the smaller box at the bottom, to calculate the larger proportional value in the box above. Confused? Oh come on, read all that again.
Last updated on August 10th, 2011
Phiculator - On the back side of the widget you can find a link to the documentation.Phiculator - The golden value for 1.

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