Docx Converter 1.1

Drag and drop based and free Dashboard widget created to help you effortlessly and quickly convert any docx file with a flick of their mouse

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What's new in Docx Converter 1.1:

  • Fixed bug where paths or file names with spaces wouldn't work
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2 Docx Converter Screenshots:
Docx Converter - This picture presents the main window of the widget where you can drag and drop docx files and convert themDocx Converter - From the Preferences window you can check/uncheck the option to show in browser after conversion
Microsoft's Word application is one of the most popular utilities one could use to write various types of documents no matter if they are novels, essays, or poems.

When you have finished the editing process, if you need to convert the generated .docx files to HTML in order to open your work using other word processing apps, you can give the Docx Converter Dashboard widget a spin.

Drag and drop based operation and automated .docx conversion

The Docx Converter widget has been designed from scratch to be as easy yo use as possible. When you need to convert a .docx document, you simply drag and drop it onto the widget's drop area (select the file, click F4 on your keyboard to open the Dashboard and drop the file) and it will automatically take care of everything for you.

The resulting output file will be generated within seconds and it will be saved within the same folder where your original document was stored, with a .htm extension and, optionally, open it in your default web browser for previewing.

Preserves parts of the .docx formatting when converting it to text

Although the Docx Converter will automatically strip the text formatting for all the text contained within the .docx file, the conversion process will still preserve italic, bold, and underlined text, as well as Unicode characters, the alignment options, and any tables you've created inside the document.

What's more, once all your documents are converted to the HTML format, they can effortlessly can easily be shared with colleagues and friend, regardless of the operating system they are running, be it Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux.

Simple and straightforward .docx to HTML conversion utility for your Mac

To sum up it all up, the Docx Converter Dashboard widget not only converts .docx Word 2007 documents to the cross-platform HTML format in the absence of additional tools, but it also does it quickly and without the need of intricate settings so that even beginners can convert their .docx documents with ease.

Docx Converter was reviewed by , last updated on October 1st, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Universal Binary)

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