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Automatically update documents with new data





Catalog production is all about being up-to-date, on time and efficient! Use Smart Catalog to produce your catalogs, price lists, and brochures automatically in Adobe InDesign, by linking your documents to an external data source. Updating documents becomes as simple as clicking on the update button.

Producing catalog-type publications often is a cumbersome process. Although the relevant information is likely to be available in a structured way, like a database, the process often consists of lots of manual copy-and-paste work.

This is not only a burden for designers who would rather be spending their time being creative, it also leaves plenty of room for errors in the final document.

Now suppose the data changes. Normally, means manually updating all elements in the document. With Smart Catalog, only one simple update action is required to update all elements automatically! Alternatively, you can also update fields one at a time.

Smart Catalog offers lots of other time-saving features. You can fill entire table rows or columns with data fields at once, and resize image frames or images automatically.

Smart Catalog also provides extensive control over the formatting of numbers, and has a reporting feature that shows you the differences between the external data and data in your document.

Last updated on September 9th, 2013
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