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Build complex documents from raw data






InData is an Adobe InDesign plug-in that works like a bionically-enhanced mail merge, freeing you from endless manual formatting. Using an English-like scripting language, you define the rules that format your text and graphics.

Based on the rules you write, you can include or exclude information - parts of a field or the entire field - and create sophisticated design templates. For example, you can apply different formats to a field based on its content, or based on the content of another field.

When you're ready to build your document, simply point InData to your ASCII text file - and it will produce pages at jaw-dropping speeds (up to thousands of pages per hour).

Here are just a few things you can produce with InData: catalogs, one-to-one marketing, TV guides, directories, real estate guides, trader and swap magazines, phone books, classified advertising, and much more!

InData lets you import in-line artwork, apply master pages, create headers and footers, and is Applescriptable for even more automation control. It integrates with InCatalog as well, allowing you to build a document and then update your data at any time without having to rebuild your document.
Last updated on January 5th, 2015
InData - From InData's menu entry you will be able to quickly update your story's headers and footers with a mouse click.InData - The Data Preferences tab enable users to adjust the data settings for all loaded stories.InData - In the View options tab, one can easily customize the document window's behavior depending on the number of document changes per second.InData - screenshot #4InData - screenshot #5

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