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An efficient solution for quickly adding geo location information to your photos by extracting it from track logs or GPS files, or by adding the coordinates manually.

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If you are taking photos using a GPS enabled device, the image file metadata will automatically include geo location information. However, if you are not using a gadget that comes with GPS, but you still want to embed this type of information within your photos, the HoudahGeo Mac app gives you a helping hand.

HoudahGeo is able to geotag your photos by matching photos to GPS track logs or by allowing you to pinpoint locations on a map. Moreover, you may also provide the longitude and latitude coordinates manually.

Structured user interface

The HoudahGeo main window is organized in three tabs, according to the app’s workflow: first you get to Load the images, then you must Process them by assigning geo location details, and last, you can export them to various output formats.

Each HoudahGeo tab contains toolbars and panels that provide quick access to different tools related to the current processing stage.

Load images, track logs and GPS data

In the HoudahGeo Load area you can set up your own media library by importing various folders, but the app also integrates with your iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom albums. In addition, you can also import track logs and GPS files that will be useful for the next step.

In the HoudahGeo Process tab you get to explore a map in normal, satellite and hybrid view modes, find the location where the picture has been taken an press the “Geocode” button to add the latitude and longitude coordinates. The same area allows you to input the altitude, direction, offset, speed, city, province and country.

Export to maps to various formats

In the HoudahGeo Output tab you get to decide how do you want to save the metadata: you can embed it to the file using the EXIF and XMP protocols, you can notify iPhoto or Aperture about the changes or export to Google Earth format.

Other options include generating KML, CSV or GPX projects. In addition, HoudahGeo allows you to publish the photos to Evernote, EveryTrail, Flickr or Locr.

Powerful geotagging solution

HoudahGeo will prove to be a very useful tool if you need to embed geo location metadata to your photos by extracting information from various sources. At the same time, the large number of exporting options allows you to share the results on various mediums.

HoudahGeo was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 21st, 2015
HoudahGeo - The HoudahGeo main window comes with a built-in folder manager designed to help you import image files in a more streamlined mannerHoudahGeo - The HoudahGeo Camera Setup panel where you can easily adjust the camera time zone and add an error marginHoudahGeo - The Camera Setup panel also allows you to modify the photo time and the photo time zoneHoudahGeo - HoudahGeo offers you the possibility to import track logs from your GPS4Cam in order to geotag your photosHoudahGeo - HoudahGeo also allows you to import track logs from your USB connected Garmin GPS deviceHoudahGeo - The HoudahGeo Export panel where you can choose to upload the photos to Flickr or to export them to various file formatsHoudahGeo - The HoudahGeo GeoTagging panel provides multiple tools for adding location information to your image files without too much effort

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