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Simple to use OS X app that makes it very simple to design calendars or photo albums using your own images, and featuring high-quality printing support as well as image correction and enhancement capabilities

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Easy-PhotoPrint EX is a camera companion application developed by Canon, that offers you the possibility to create albums and stickers using your own digital content. In addition, Easy-PhotoPrint EX can help you print borderless photos.

Easy to install software solution for creating your own image albums

The Easy-PhotoPrint EX software archive comes with an installer package that takes care of the utility’s deployment and places the application in a Cannon folder contained in the Applications directory. As a result, the whole process ends up to be quite user friendly.

Upon the app’s first launch you must select your current region and, if you want to be able to use the apps printing tools, make sure your printer is installed (Easy-PhotoPrint EX will automatically detect it).

Design albums, calendars, labels, or covers using your own images

Easy-PhotoPrint EX can be used for printing single photos or different layouts, but also enables you to make your on image albums, disc labels / case covers, calendars, or stickers. To help you get the job done faster, Easy-PhotoPrint EX includes layout presets and themes suitable for each case.

Naturally, you can insert your on images in the appropriate fields, but Easy-PhotoPrint EX also provides a plethora of customization options that can help you personalize the project’s overall design.

The Easy-PhotoPrint EX app allows you to employ the built in sample themes and patterns, offers you the possibility to go online and download new themes from the Canon website, but also enables you to use your own images for the backgrounds, covers, and so on.

User friendly Canon software solution focused on helping you generate content using your own photos

All in all, Easy-PhotoPrint EX is a great tool to have around when dealing with large image collections: you can arrange the best ones in stylish albums, use them to make your on calendars, and so on.

Easy-PhotoPrint EX was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on January 7th, 2015
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