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DynaStrip - Versioning imposition solution





DynaStrip is the new standard in imposition. Print professionals worldwide rely on DynaStrip for its superior imposition capabilities and unparallelled flexibility. DynaStrip integrates with all leading workflows and RIPs.

DynaStrip can handle all PDF, PostScript, EPS, PJTF, DCS, ICF, and JDF  files from over 100 applications, produce populated and non-populated impositions, and can output jobs to any printer, imagesetter, digital imaging device, or platesetter.

Its powerful object-oriented architecture allows you to fully customize and control your imposition layout. Create and save basic templates, modify them on the fly for custom jobs and keep template creation and management to a minimum.

Ganging of jobs provides an easy mean to maximize your press sheets and reduce waste. You can ensure imposition integrity with the help of DynaStrip's TIFF preview and direct-layout PDF. 

Here are some key features of "DynaStrip":

■ Easy-to-learn light-table interface: Forget the outdated, complex data-entry methods of many imposition products
■ Flexible: DynaStrip is tested, certified and bundled with all industry-standard workflows
■ Handles PostScript, EPS, DCS, ICF, PDF, PJTF and JDF files
■ Network Licensing that can provide protection to up to 10 concurrent users on Mac and PC
■ Keeps template creation and management to a minimum
■ Reduces waste through job ganging and press-sheet optimization
■ Outputs to any printer, digital imaging device, imagesetter or platesetter
■ Robust and optimized for high-performance production


■ 30 days trial
Last updated on February 8th, 2008
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