AppStar Lite for Mac2.7.10

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A useful and intuitive application that enables you to check and keep track of your App Store regional sales and products data

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AppStar Lite is a well-designed business analytics application that enables you to focus on your app development process and spend less time worrying about your accounts.

Thanks to AppStar Lite you can easily and effortlessly handle your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch app and eBooks sales. From AppStar Lite’s main window you can instantly access your products along with your regional sales data and check your resources, ranking and reviews from within an intuitive interface. Additionally, you can view how much money Apples owes.

By using AppStar Lite, you can compile your iTunes Connect reports and have an overview of your Mac and iOS app and eBooks sales data in a user-oriented dashboard. You can view all your revenue generated on the App Store, analyze sales by region, country or products and identify your best selling apps. Moreover, you can view splits between sales, upgrades, refunds and downloads.

AppStar Lite comes with support for over 64 currencies and, as a result, you can view your sales data in the desired currency. On top of that, you can set the precise period you want to analyze and view your half-yearly, quarterly, monthly or daily stats.

From the bottom toolbar of AppStar Lite you can manually import the financial reports offered by Apple while the side panels help you check all available apps for the current account, select the region you are interested in, view your current trend and switch between different views.

The Preferences window helps you select the desired currency, set a backup destination folder and configure AppStar Lite to clean the database and update the exchange rates every time your launch the app. AppStar Lite also comes with support for multiple accounts that you can add and name via the Accounts tab. You can even add an icon for each account and type in the name of the developer.

All in ll, AppStar Lite is handy and user-friendly application that promises to help you track and monitor your App Store sales.

AppStar Lite was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
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