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Terminal based utility that makes it simple for its users to compress, uncompress and encrypt files archived using the RAR format

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NOTE: If you need a user-friendly RAR interface for Mac OS X, we recommend UnRarX.

If you recently switched from Windows to Mac, you probably what to know what is the equivalent of WinRAR on Mac. Fortunately the developer of WinRAR offers a Mac version called RAR for Mac OS X.

RAR for Mac OS X is a command line tool specially designed to help users compress, uncompress and encrypt files in the RAR format.

Unfortunately, RAR for Mac OS X does not offer a user interface and all operations must be run from a Terminal window. In other words, RAR for Mac OS X is not as simple to use on Mac as it was on Windows.

The RAR for Mac OS X package comes with a 40 days trial period and features the rar and the unrar tools, rar for creating archives and unrar for extracting RAR files.

If you want to be able to run the RAR for Mac OS X utilities from any folder on your Mac you can copy them into usr/local/bin, the folder where all UNIX programs a normal user would use should be installed.

In order to extract a RAR archive you have to open a Terminal window, go to the folder where you want to extract the files and type the unrar command line followed by the "x" argument and the path of the archive you want to use for extraction.

To list all available command and switches you only have to run the rar or unrar command line utility from a Terminal window and a usage message will be displayed.

RAR for Mac OS X provides a long list of features that enables you to create password protected archives, batch extract RAR files and more.

Sadly, RAR for Mac OSX comes with support exclusively for RAR files, ZIP and other formats being supported only by the Windows version.

All-in-all, RAR for Mac OS X is a powerful and versatile utility that can help you extract and create RAR archives. Unfortunately, the lack of user interface pushes away newcomers and unexperienced users.

RAR for Mac OS X was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 13th, 2015
RAR for Mac OS X - Commands screen that appears when running the application inside a Terminal window.RAR for Mac OS X - Unrar is a freeware tool that you can use to easily unrar archives created using the application.

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