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Drag and drop based OS X application designed to help you create and expand password protected RAR archives with just a flick of your mouse

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RAR archives are not that usually the go to solution when having to compress batches of files on a Mac. Traditionally, on the latest iterations of OS X, Apple has allowed users to create and expand archives using the ZIP algorithm therefore, when they need to create a RAR one, they will have to use a third party solution like RAR Archiver.

Drag and drop based RAR archiver

The RAR Archiver application makes it very easy and straightforward to quickly take a batch of files and compress them down into a RAR file either by quickly drag and dropping them onto its window or by choosing them via a pop-up dialog window.

When having to compact large amount of data, RAR Archiver will also enable you to easily generate multi-part RAR files for distributing them on multiple storage devices while also making sure that they can be swiftly extracted with just a double click whenever one needs to access the archive's contents.

Create password protected RAR archives

Another very useful feature of RAR Archiver is that it can be used to make password protected RARs with ease. All you need to do for that is to set the password to be used when generating your archives within the "Archive Files Assistant" window.

Thus, after checking the "Password protect the RAR archive" tick box and entering your pass-phrase twice, RAR Archiver will automatically password protect all the archives it creates for you.

Moreover, the RARs you generate using RAR Archiver are saved to a custom location of your choice. This location can be set within the Preferences window to a default folder or you can choose the let it ask you each time you compress a collection of files where do you want the output RAR to be saved.

Alternatively, RAR Archiver can also be setup to save all generated archives next to the original files that needed to be packed.

Edit already create RAR archives

Additionally, the RAR Archiver utility makes it very simple to add more files to existing RAR archive using the "Add files to archive" option that can be found under the app's File menu.

Once you select the extra files to be added to an already created RAR, the application will start packing them together instantly providing you with an output archive containing all the files within on neat and quickly expandable package.

Intuitive file compressor for creating password protected RARs

All in all, RAR Archiver can prove to be a very useful addition to your list of OS X apps if you want to use a compression method that has proved time and again to be more effective and disk space friendly than the ZIP one used by Apple as the default.

In addition, RAR archiver will also help you add a touch of security to your archives by password protecting them and will also make it easier and faster to store your files on multiple disks as multi-part RAR archives.

RAR Archiver was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on January 5th, 2015
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