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A user-friendly and easy-to-use archive extractor specially designed to decompress ALZ and EGG as well as RAR, ZIP and 7Z archives

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As you browse the world wide web you can come across a myriad of archive formats and some of these archives can be decompressed only using certain archiving utilities. This is the case with ALZ and EGG formats, compression archives made by ESTsoft, that can be extracted using the freely available ALZip utility.

ALZip is a lightweight compression application that features a user-oriented and clean interface from which you can easily and swiftly extract ALZ, EGG, ZIP, 7Z and RAR archives. To start the extraction process you have to simply drag and drop your archive onto the app’s interface. You can also use the File menu to extract the archive to a location of your choice.

ALZip also comes with support for encrypted archives and allows you to choose a file name encoding from the predefined list via the Encoding tab from the Preferences window. Thus, you can choose between the default encoding, Chinese simplified and traditional, Japanese, Cyrillic, Western European and Korean.

The Extraction tab helps you choose which action is performed after extraction and select the default extraction path. You can set ALZip to ask for the extraction location every time an archive is extracted or decompress the archive in the same location as the source file.

If you want to assign ALZ, EGG, RAR, 7Z and ZIP file formats to ALZip you can access the Archive Formats tab and assign them with just a few mouse clicks. On top of that, ALZip can notify you every time the ALZ and EGG formats are not assigned to ALZip.

Although you have the option to drag and drop the archives onto ALZip’s interface, we recommend you use the “Extract” function from the File menu or by using the predefined hotkey. In more than one occasion, ALZip failed to extract the files we drag and dropped in but managed to decompress them if we used the “Extract” feature.

To conclude, ALZip is a simple and easy-to-use extraction utility that will help you decompress ALZ and EGG formats for free.

ALZip was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 24th, 2015
ALZip - To start decompressing your archives, all you'll have to do is to drag and drop them onto AlZip's interface.ALZip - Once the unarchiving process has started, ALZip will display a progress bar to let the user know how much longer it will take until the archive is completely decompressed.ALZip - After the extraction has completed, the app will display a confirmation dialog that will also allow the user to quickly open the Finder folder containing the extracted files/folders.ALZipALZipALZip

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