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A powerful and cross-platform VoIP softphone for SIP networks featuring standard-definition voice and video calling, instant messaging and more

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Nowadays, calling a friend over the Internet instead of the mobile phone is nothing unusual. X-Lite is a cross-platform softphone, i.e. a desktop application that allows you to make phone calls to mobile phones or other softphones from your computer.

The X-Lite application uses the Session Initiated Protocol and Open Standards protocols for call signaling and, this way, it manages to be compatible with a broad array of networks.

X-Lite allows you to start video and audio calls within a straightforward and compact user interface. From the main window, you can access your contacts, favorites, or the call history.

Moreover, you can simply enter a name and call it in just seconds. You can start either an audio or video conversation, or start a conference call.

On top of that, video X-Lite provides various small tweaks to optimize your calls, such as the ability to pause iTunes when starting a conversation, display the idle satuts, add timestamps, receive audio and visual alerts, and more.

In addition, you can configure the audio settings for each device you use, be it headset, speakerphone, or another device, from the preferences.

For the more advanced users out there, X-Lite offers an option for managing audio and video codecs. The Calls tab of the Preferences window also allows you to select the DTMF and set the RTP inactivaty timer.

X-Lite is the least enhanced version of softphones from the CounterPath Corporation. The other (paid) versions are eyeBeam and Bria respectively.

Before you can use the application, however, a VoIP subscription with a local services provider or Internet service provided is necessary.

To sum things up, X-Lite is a modern software solution that you can rely on to make calls to other soft phones or mobiles.

X-Lite was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
X-Lite - From XLite's main window you can call, view and organize your contacts according to your needs.X-Lite - The View menu enables you to access your message archive and show or hide various useful dialogs.X-Lite - By accessing the Contacts menu you will be able to create new groups, add a new contact or export the existent contacts list.X-Lite - screenshot #4X-Lite - screenshot #5X-Lite - screenshot #6X-Lite - screenshot #7X-Lite - screenshot #8X-Lite - screenshot #9X-Lite - screenshot #10

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