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A highly versatile telephony tool designed to unite your Mac computer, available contact details, and phones in an attempt to make you more productive

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Dialectic is a small Mac app designed to reduce the time you spend dialing phone numbers by allowing you to quickly send contact details from your Mac to your phone, with a simple double click.

Easy to install dialing utility that can connect to your Contacts app

Upon launch, Dialectic identifies if it is running from a disk image and offers to move itself to the Applications directory, or to any other location on your Mac. The utility will place a small menu in your status bar, which can be used to access most of the app’s tools and functions.

If you allow Dialectic to access your Contacts details, you will be able to quickly perform searches via the dial panel and select the number you want to call. The same area enables you to take notes, to start the call timer, to convert text to numbers, to access the dial preferences, and so on.

Connect your phone to your Mac and instantly dial numbers

To actually use the Dialectic application, you must first establish a connection between the utility, your Mac, and your phone. Depending on your phone model you must connect the device to your computer directly, or by using the Bluetooth.

Furthermore, Dialectic comes with multiple configuration settings designed to help you connect to different phones or VoIP services, such as Asterisk, CallVantage, Cisco IP Phone, FRITZ!Box, Google Voice, Vonage, and many others.

Versatile dialing solution that can quickly send contact numbers to your phone or to a VoIP app

Once everything is in place, Dialectic offers you the possibility to call numbers from your Contacts app, or from web pages with minimal effort. Moreover, you can apply your own dialing rules in order to make sure the app is using the correct local area code.

All in all, if you are frequently calling new contact numbers, the Dialectic dialing application has the potential to greatly improve your productivity level.

Dialectic was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 27th, 2015
Dialectic - Dialectic provides a menu bar item from which you can access all of its features.Dialectic - Various dialing rules can be configured in the Settings window.Dialectic - You will be able to select, add and customize your dialing methods.Dialectic - screenshot #4Dialectic - screenshot #5Dialectic - screenshot #6

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