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Quickly generate complex diagrams from various data sources, use built-in algorithms to rearrange objects and export your project to various formats, with this handy tool

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It is often necessary to create diagrams for various projects, but this is not a task you should spend a great deal of time on. Given that they are meant to help you or others better understand the presented data, you need to be able to design them quickly and efficiently.

yEd is a tool that aims to help you out, streamlining the entire diagram generation process.

Insert existing data and quickly rearrange objects with the help of complex algorithms

If you need to create a diagram based on information contained in Microsoft Excel XLS, as well as XML, XSL, GED, GML and various other types of files, it can be easily imported. This can significantly speed up your work, as it is not necessary to input each entry manually.

yEd offers a series of chart layouts that can be applied to your existing dataset to alter node positions and edge paths with the aim of improving the aesthetics and comprehensibility of the generated graphic.

Additionally, the application’s Grouping feature enables you to place graph structures inside nodes that are themselves contained in other graphs, creating a complex hierarchy.

Simple object generation process that minimizes effort while saving time

To create new nodes, all you have to do is click on an empty section of the canvas or drag a sample from the Palette tool window.

The lines that connect two nodes and establish the relationship between them are called edges, and they can be inserted by clicking on the source node and dragging the mouse until reaching the target object.

Well thought-out tool that is easy to work with, but features an unimpressive interface

yEd is a Java-based app that can be very helpful, but is let down by its outdated visual design that looks very out of place on your Mac and does not integrate well with the standard OS X interface. Its layout is also rather cumbersome, making it difficult to locate certain functions and organize panels in an intuitive manner.

Overall, however, yEd is an application we can definitely recommend, as it turns the generation and organization of complex diagrams into a straightforward task.

yEd was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on October 5th, 2015
yEd - In the main window of the application users can select different shapes and diagram elements to create graphs.yEd - The Structure View drop-down menu allows users to change between the URL, Text and Description views.yEd - From the View menu users can zoom in or out, go fullscreen or select the desired mode.yEd - screenshot #4yEd - screenshot #5yEd - screenshot #6yEd - screenshot #7yEd - screenshot #8yEd - screenshot #9yEd - screenshot #10yEd - screenshot #11yEd - screenshot #12yEd - screenshot #13yEd - screenshot #14

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