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A user-friendly and flexible task management app for your Mac that enables you to quickly and easily organize your thoughts and set due dates

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Wunderlist is a well-designed and versatile Mac OS X application that helps you capture your ideas, manage your daily tasks and setup reminders.

Enables you to manage projects and plan events with the help of multiple collaborators

Wunderlist aims to provide a simple and intuitive task management app capable to help you plan  vacations, manage projects and even share various lists with a loved one.

Hence, you can use Wunderlist to share your lists and collaborate with multiple users in order to achieve your goal or complete a demanding task.

On top of that, Wunderlist provides desktop and mobile applications for iOS, Android and Kindle devices, as well as browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In addition, Wunderlist automatically synchronizes your lists between your smartphone, tablet and computer at all times.

Create, share and delegate tasks from within a single app

From Wunderlist’s main window you have instant access to all your lists and, as a result, you can view your tasks for today or the current week along with your completed tasks. You can also create your own custom lists and set deadlines for any added task.

Moreover, Wunderlist allows you to setup reminders and add sub-tasks for any given entry, write notes and add comments that can be viewed by all users that have access to your list. In other words, you can easily share lists and collaborate with your friends, family and colleagues in order to complete tasks faster.

Easily setup reminders and due dates for your tasks

Thanks to the context menu you can mark the currently selected task as completed, set, change or remove the due date, copy the Wunderlist link, start a new to do list using the entry and even print or email the task. You also have the option to move it to another list or simply delete it with a click of a mouse button.

In conclusion, Wunderlist is a smooth-running, intuitive and reliable task manager that makes it easy to create and mange task lists that you can synchronize across devices and share with your friends, family or co-workers.

Wunderlist was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 3rd, 2015
Wunderlist - You will be able to add to-dos and organize them into categories.Wunderlist - You can also add notes to each to-do in your list.Wunderlist - The calendar allows you to set the date for each task.Wunderlist - screenshot #4Wunderlist - screenshot #5Wunderlist - screenshot #6Wunderlist - screenshot #7

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