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An easy-to-use yet powerful Mac OS X application designed to help you keep track of your patients, appointments and various medical information

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iMedicalOffice is an OS X electronic health record application for medical doctors that enables you to manage your patients. iMedicalOffice is designed to provide a flexible workspace to manage your schedule, enter patient information, manage prescriptions and more.

The application offers plenty of functions and customization options. You can enter all sorts of medical data into iMedicalOffice: office appointments, patient treatments, x-ray images, other medical illustrations or generated documents.

Another benefit of using iMedicalOffice is that you can easily manage your agenda. The app includes a built-in calendar similar to OS X’s Calendar app where you can add appointments, consultations and other scheduled meetings. What’s more, iMedicalOffice can even sync events with OS X’s Calendar.

iMedicalOffice enables you to enter a great amount of information for each patient: general (name, address, phone number, blood group, etc), insurance, history, psychology, allergies, appointments, folders and other data.

Furthermore, users can create multiple profiles and protect the patient information in each with a master password. Moreover, iMedicalOffice can work without an Internet connection.

After a full day of consultations, iMedicalOffice displays an activity summary. In addition, it can generate reports about the status and medical evolution of a patient. PDF documents can be processed as well.

As far as the GUI is concerned, the application comes with an intuitive user interface comprised of a toolbar at the top, the main calendar pane and various panes for entering patient data or managing schedules.

To sum up, iMedicalOffice provides a simple and efficient method to manage patients and other medical information that a doctor must work with day by day. The app is especially suited for private or small medical companies.

iMedicalOffice was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on March 9th, 2014
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