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A simple and user-oriented application that enables you to sing documents on the go and create signatures that you can use when you need them

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Signature is a practical and easy-to-use application that enables you to use your MacBook’s trackpad, Apple’s Magic trackpad or Wacom tables in order to sign your personal signature.

The lightweight and user-friendly application lives in your Mac’s Status bar from where you can easily access Signature’s menu, open the Preferences window and show the main window or quit the app. Once you opened the smart frame you can sign, create and save your signature.

The right side panel helps you refresh and clean the board, access the Styles panel, paste default signature and save your signature in the built-in gallery. Once your signature is complete you can press the return key or on the bottom left corner of your trackpad in order to regain control over your cursor.

The pre-defined “Save to Clipboard” keyboard shortcut allows you to copy your signature directly to your Mac’s clipboard and use it in the documents that need to be signed.

By accessing the Style panel, you can choose the background and signature color, and adjust the thickness of the “pen”. What is more, you can use a transparent background and even write down notes, draw sketches and doodles using the multi-touch capabilities of your trackpad.

From the Preferences window you can easily enable Signature to automatically start at login and customize the keyboard shortcut for displaying the main window and enabling the Auto hide feature. You can also redefine the hotkey for the “Save to Clipboard” feature. The Gallery tab allows you to view all saved signatures and enables you to zoom in, delete and copy the available signatures.

In short, Signature is a straightforward application that can help you sign your documents and capture your signature in order to use it every time you need it.

Signature was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 22nd, 2014
Signature - In Signature's main window you can sing your signature and use it in various applications.Signature - The Settings panel helps you select a background and pencil color.Signature - By accessing the Preferences window, you can view your signature gallery.

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