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Personal finances management OS X application designed to help you track, visualize, and analyze your cash flow in a well organized environment.

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Keeping track of your personal finances is highly advisable if you want to make sure you are taking responsible decisions when spending your money. iFinance is a Mac OS X application designed to help you record all your transactions and generate reports and charts in order to optimize your spending.

Versatile finances management solution featuring a well organized interface

iFinance allows you to group transactions into different categories and you can effortlessly browse through them via the left side panel included in the app’s main window. On the right side you will be able to view details about each transaction, your budget status, or charts and reports related to your income or expenses.

All in all, finding your way around proves to be fairly intuitive: iFinance uses different color codes for each type of transaction, the data input panels are rather self explanatory, while the colorful charts are fairly easy to read.

Effortlessly keep track of your transactions and store details about each entry

For your convenience, iFinance can quickly import transactions from CSV, MT-940, QIF, or OFX files. As a result, you will not have to waste time manually inserting details for each entry: you can simply import the statement files provided by your bank.

What’s more, iFinance allows you to attach the invoices to each entry as text, image or PDF files, which means that you will quickly have access to the info with a simple mouse click. Note that iFinance also has an iOS companion app that enables you to record expenses while you are on the go, and then synchronizes them to the desktop utility.

Comprehensive personal finances app that integrates analysis tools

Once your database is complete, iFinance allows you to analyze it from different angles by generating reports or colorful charts for specific time periods. To conclude, iFinance can prove to be extremely useful if you need to optimize the way in which you are spending your financial resources.

iFinance was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
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