ezCheckDraft 1.3.0

A straightforward Mac application designed to help you create and print pre-approved check drafts in order to collect payments via fax, or by phone.

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Check drafts are designed to help businesses  accept payments faster, by collecting the required information by phone, by fax, or by using online forms. ezCheckDraft is a Mac app designed for business use, that enables you to print check drafts in house, and then deposit them to the bank to be cleared.

Unsophisticated software solution for making and printing check drafts

Finding your way around the ezCheckDraft user interface is easy enough because the application is sporting a fairly organized design. However, it will not integrate very well with your system’s appearance, since it does not follow the OS X Human Interface Guidelines.

The ezCheckDraft main window is split in two sections: on the bottom you can visualize your check draft database, while on top you can preview the currently selected entry. The panels are separated by a toolbar that includes buttons for basic check draft management actions: new, delete, edit, duplicate, select all, clear, refresh, and print.

Effortlessly input the payment information in a check draft

The ezCheckDraft check draft editor comes with various fields designed to help you input all the necessary information with ease: the payer and the payee name and address, the bank account details, the payment amount, and other details.

Note that, via the “Layout Setup” window, you have the option to quickly change the check draft layout with simple drag and drop actions. At the same time, in the Check Setup panel, you can define default payee details that will be incorporated in each new check: since the application allows you to create multiple accounts, you can define as many payee details as you want, and streamline the editing process.

Forthright processing tools designed to help you make your own check drafts

ezCheckDraft will prove to be a very useful tool if you have a small business and you want to be able to receive payment information by using online forms, by fax, or by phone. The utility comes with a check draft layout that can be edited to match your own needs, and enables you to make, print, and store your own drafts without too much effort.

ezCheckDraft was reviewed by , last updated on July 10th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel only)


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