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A simple and practical task manager that helps you create, add, edit, remove and postpone events based on your daily tasks and your priorities

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TodoTxtMac is a minimalist and keyboard-driver task manger that conforms to the todo.txt format specifications.

Light and unobtrusive todo manger for your daily tasks, duties and meetings

TodoTxtMac is heavily inspired by application for Microsoft Windows and brings numerous modifications and improvements compatible with the Mac OS X platform. As a result, TodoTxtMac aims to be a fast, simple, clean and easy-to-use event organizer.

From TodoTxtMac’s user-oriented interface you can instantly add new events to your todo list and filter the displayed entries by using the built-in search form. Hence, you can find the desired task with just a couple of keystrokes.

Easily add, edit and postpone events using hotkeys

Another way to add and manage your tasks is by using the predefined keyboard shortcuts or via the Task menu. You’ll be able to add a new tasks, update an entry, delete a completed event, mark completed entries, change event priority by increasing, decreasing or removing it.

Furthermore, you can se due dates, postpone meetings, remove dues dates and increase or decrease the due date by one day. The intuitive hotkeys will make your task management process much faster and easier once you learn all existing keyboard shortcuts.

Filter the displayed events and group them using custom filters

Beside filtering the previewed events, you can also sort them based on different criteria that range from order in file, priority and context to due date, creation or completion data, as well as the alphabetical order.

What is more, TodoTxtMac allows you to define and store custom Quick Filters which can be used by simply pressing any key from 1 to 9. The conditional filters can help you create custom lists with ease.

By accessing the preferences window, you can customize the font size and style, personalize the color-coded highlighting system and set the output file for the archived tasks.

TodoTxtMac was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 4th, 2015
TodoTxtMac - From TodoTxtMac's main window you can instantly add new events to your to-do list.TodoTxtMac - You can also use the Task menu to update and entry, set event priority and postpone a meeting.TodoTxtMac - By accessing the Sort menu, you can change the sorting criteria according to your needs.TodoTxtMac - screenshot #4TodoTxtMac - screenshot #5

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