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Fully automatic and user-oriented OS X utility created to help you keep close track of all the time you spend during a day working on your projects

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Time Tracker Professional is a streamlined and elegant looking OS X task tracker that aims to make it very easy and straightforward to keep an eye on the time you spend each day, working on a large variety of projects and activities.

Automated application tracker

Moreover, the Time Tracker Professional app is designed to automatically record for how much time you use each of the apps on your Mac and it is capable of tracking any of them, as long as they have a visible window.

Time Tracker Professional features a minimal and cleaning looking created to help you understand as quickly as possible how long you’ve been using any of the apps installed on your Mac, for a given period of time.

Organize your tasks as projects or activities

Furthermore, using the left side Projects panel, Time Tracker Professional enables you to organize the tasks you’ve been working on in projects and activities, thus making it even simpler to get a quick grasp of how much time you’ve worked on each of your projects.

Getting a quick overview for a chosen date range is also possible with the help of the Date Range calendar control, under the main window’s title bar. From there, you can choose the Time Frame for the tasks to be displayed, for today, yesterday, the last 7 or the last 30 days, as well as for a custom range of your choice.

Export tracked tasks as CSV

What’s more, Time Tracker Professional also makes it quite easy to export and share your tracked tasks as a CSV file, with colleagues and clients, using the Export toolbar button. Unfortunately, it is not possible to only export the tasks within a single project, but you can manually remove the entries that you don’t need from the exported CSV.

Manually enter tasks performed without using your Mac

As an additional benefit, the Time Tracker Professional app can be used to enter task durations manually within any added project or activity. This can be quite useful if you’ve worked using an app that hasn’t been automatically tracked or if you’ve performed various tasks for the project in question using other means besides your Mac.

Time Tracker Professional was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on February 26th, 2014
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